⇱ { ⊡ + ⊛ } ⇲ = ∞
Represent F-U-N = Creativity outside the digital product realm and paying homage to my first introduction to HTML entities aka your text versions of emojis. Infinity and beyond...

Spec = Speculative projects which are fictitious concepts which can be created into real-world projects with the combination of iterations to actual testing with people who use the product. To me, I call all my school projects speculative projects.
“Speculative design gives designers an opportunity to stretch their imaginations and develop new and boundary-pushing systems and prototypes for the future.”
*Note: Speculative projects can be called concept projects too.

Sides = Side projects are projects I do outside of paid work.

The scenario of me learning and notetaking on the picture below. Photo credit: Special thanks to the product photographer from who I learned DSLR.
ms. crabby notetaking

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